Find It & Bind It’s Kickstarter a Success!

We’re funded. And we did it with 272% of our goal.

We thanked our backers on Kickstarter and are thanking them again here. We’re also pleased that we’ll have more than a handful of games to donate to Toys For Tots and the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

From here, it’ll take 2-3 weeks to get the funds which puts us in mid-April.

In the meantime, we’re contacting vendors to see what we might be able to do now that we have “proven” cash-in-hand and if we can swing a deal better than what we already have planned, we’ll announce the project plan and go into the details with backers by Monday, 4/23/15.

One last thing, we were working toward earning that 2nd Dispel Magic Spell Card based on getting to 100 FB Likes and 700 Twitter Followers. Well, we got to 146 FB Likes and 695 followers so… we’re going to include it anyway.

Dispel Magic is awesome. 🙂

Phil and Josh
Cray Cray Games

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