About CCG

We are (a little) cray cray!  🙂

We are two guys with a sense of humor and a love of game playing.  Board games, video games, role-playing games, you name it.

We decided to give shape to some of the ideas we’ve had in the past while playing games and make them more than vapor-ware or the musings of slightly disgruntled game players while faced with a mechanic that didn’t make sense or stuck finishing up a game that didn’t get quite enough attention (editing, play-testing, etc.) while it was under development.

So, we are trying our hands at game creation and hope, with the help of game-playing supporters who might like our concepts, that we can publish some of the ideas we’ve had and put them in the hands of people who will play them and hopefully enjoy them.

As we are great fans of the game-creation process and open to feedback and improving upon or expanding the games we’ve created, we would like to hear from you and make any game that we publish something that need not be viewed as “final” but a pause on the path of game-playing bliss.

(Wow…  I just wrote that…)  🙂

Phil and Josh

PS: If you would like to email us you can at craycraygames@ Google’s mail domain.

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