The Games

We are working on several things at any given time because we’re 1 part ADHD combined with 1 part creativity and 1 part bored at our current day jobs.

Here is a mixed list of concepts, as well as named games, currently somewhere in the publishing process:

Actively In Development/Testing:

  • Under Construction is a 2-6 player worker placement game that puts players in the role of general contractor.  You need to win bids (lowest wins) on contracts, collect the necessary resources, and then build them in order to get cash and increase your reputation.With a modest amount of bluffing, resource management, worker placement and Development Cards (that can help you or harm others), there’s a little something for everyone.
  • Cats & Caverns is a cooperative game for 2-6 players where you play the role of a feline hero (house cat).  You and your team are working to rid the realm (your home) of a Big Cheese that has taken up residence in a nearby network of caverns (under your home) along with his villainous rats.  Traps have been laid and henchmen lie in wait for your heroes.  Defeat them for treasure (things around the house, really) and continue to until you find and defeat the Big Cheese!

Published Games:

  • Find It & Bind It is a fast-paced card game for 2-6 players where each player controls two witches, coven sisters, who are attempting to find the elusive Book of Shadows.They must bind it before another coven arrives and does the same. With one real Book of Shadows in a sea of fakes, can your sisters find it and bind it first in this game of spell-flinging and an ever-changing landscape?You can get more detailed information on our Find It & Bind It Rules and FAQ page.This game’s Kickstarter campaign successfully funded in March 2015.

On the Back Burner:

  • Turf Wars is a 2-6 player game of strategic fantasy conquest with a humorous and campy edge. Players choose 1 of 20 Factions (such as zombies, unicorns, dryads, etc.) and vie for control of their home turfs (swamps, deserts, seas, etc.).There are several ways to win Turf Wars, ensuring that no game is ever the same:
    • Eliminate a nemesis,
    • Achieve a Secret Win condition,
    • Control all of your Faction’s Home Turfs, or
    • Win through sheer dominance.

    You can get more detailed information on our Turf Wars Rules and FAQ page.

  • In Do You Know Your Neighbors?, between 5 and 12 people play the role of a Kind, Wicked or Fickle neighbor. The object of the game is to resolve enough Situation Cards so that your team’s score pile has a total of 15 points.The catch, however, is that you do not know who is part of your team as all identities are hidden. Each resident has a vested interest in the town resolving situations their way. There is strength in numbers, so players must attempt to discover who among them is working for or against their efforts.You can get more detailed information on our DYKYN Rules and FAQ page.
  • Cray Derby would have been a game that simulates competitive women’s roller derby and that is already somewhat-campy. We may investigate this with support from the Boston-area roller derby teams if there is interest.
  • A steam-punk themed card game maximizing ingenuity points related to one’s portfolio of inventions.

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