Find It & Bind It Rules and FAQ


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With one real Book of Shadows in a field of fakes, can your sisters find it and bind it first in this game of spell casting and an ever-changing landscape?

Find It & Bind It is a card game for 2-6 people that runs roughly 30 mins. Each player controls 2 witches that are searching through a 3×3 field of Book Cards for the Book of Shadows.

Spell Cards are used to Scry (look at) and/or Obfuscate (look at and shuffle) the Book Cards or to interact with other players and thwart their progress. To win, you must find the Book of Shadows, get both of your witches to it and then use your action to bind it.

Please see our Find It & Bind It base game rules PDF for detailed information about the game and its rules.

You can access The Demon Expansion rules PDF as well.

This is where we’ll keep an ever-growing list of Frequently-Asked Questions.

If you play this game and have a question that is not addressed in the rules or below, please post a comment and we’ll add it to the FAQ.

No FAQs found. It’s really that easy to understand! 🙂


  1. Samuel A. Liberty says:

    For Scry Any One and Scry Any Two, do you have to identify the cards you will scry all at once, or can you select them one at a time as you receive information from each card?

    Do you have to announce which cards your scrying before dispel magic is cast, or do you have to dispel cards before choices are made?

    For Cast Doubt, can you shuffle the cards and then choose where to put them? This would mean that opponents don't know whether or not you switched them.

  2. Phil Woo Woo says:

    Some answers to your questions:

    1. Scry Any One / Two: You can choose Book Cards as you look at them.

    2. If someone is going to attempt to Dispel your Spell Card, they need to do it before you've started executing your Spell Card. For any of the Scry Spell Cards (or even Obfuscate Spell Cards for that matter) that would mean they'd need to cast Dispel before you have the chance to pick up any of the cards. Once you see any of them, you can't un-see it so the player would be wise to save the Dispel card.

    3. On Cast Doubt: absolutely. Look, shuffle, look again, etc. 🙂

  3. Greg Hardy says:

    I might be… missing something? I only see the rules PDF… are there more files , or the card files coming soon? Or, am I just not seeing a link to them?

  4. I got this email "Josh Degregorio has invited you to view the following shared folder: F&B PnP Files". When I click to open the file, I'm asked for a google drive user i.d. and password. I don't have one but my son does and tried to access the files through his gmail account, and was denied. Do I have to have a "google anything" to open this? If so, could you please grant permission to Thank you..I am looking forward to this.

  5. Phil Woo Woo says:

    Hi Greg. If you were a Kickstarter backer, the link was sent out via an update this week. If you didn't see that, send us a note on Kickstarter and we can make sure that we get you that information.

    If you are not a backer, there are some very basic, black & white, version on BoardGameGeek which you can find here:

  6. Phil Woo Woo says:

    FYI, Marcia. I'm not sure if you've gotten a response from Josh directly but you should be all set. This address has access to the folder.

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