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Still Here…

We’ve been remiss in posting and wanted to give a shout out.  We continue to work with Breaking Games regarding Under Construction and hope to have some news on that shortly.

We’re also happy to report that, even after many years since out 2015 Kickstarter for Find It & Bind It, people write in asking about available copies–we do have a few–and its expansions.

We hope that you all take care during this new world with COVID and that you embrace the technology that allows us to continue to play the board and card games that we love.

Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone!

Since we have not posted in a while, we wanted to provide a mini-update.

  • We showcased Rainbow Octopus at Boston’s Festival of Indie Games.
  • We’ve continued to work on Under Construction in association with Breaking Games and may be very near the prototype stage (with a  completely redesigned look) very soon.

We’ll share more information when we have it and with you all a nice holiday season and upcoming 2018.

Cray Cray Games Video: Rainbow Octopus

If you need a game that is good for kids of varying ages AND won’t bore you to tears if you’re a parent or much older sibling that will play the game as well?

Rainbow Octopus offers a “sliding scale” of difficulty based on player capability and interest in the various features provided.

You can watch a < 5m video on the game play OR read the rules.

Publisher Announcement

It is with great joy and excitement that we would like to announce that our game, currently titled Under Construction, has been signed by Breaking Games®.

We’ll let you all know as we get closer to printing and releasing.

Under Construction is a 2-6 player worker placement game that puts players in the role of general contractor.  You bid against other players for contracts, collect the necessary resources, and build what is required in order to get paid and increase your company’s reputation.

With a modest amount of bluffing, resource management, worker placement and Development Cards–that can help you or harm others–there’s a little something for everyone.

You can read its current rules.

Cats & Caverns Accepted to BFIG!

We are happy to announce that our newest game, Cats & Caverns, has been accepted to the Boston Festival of Indie Games (BFIG).

Find out more about BFIG or our newest game by reading the current version of the rules.

TM – Cray Cray Games Trademark

Hello All.

Some minor news.  We’re a trademark and all official-like!  🙂

Early 2016 Update

Hello Backers, Fans, Followers, and Other Interested Parties!

We wanted to provide an update to keep you abreast of what we at Cray Cray Games have been doing lately.


Cray Cray Games went to Unpub6 and debuted 2 of its newest games:  Under Construction and Cats & Caverns.  You can read about them on our list of games page.

PAX East 2016

We will be showing both of those games on Saturday morning at the Unpub booth at PAX East next weekend.  Stop by and say hi to Phil if you’re there.


Final Find It & Bind It Release of 2015

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released the Print-n-Play files for both Find It & Bind It expansions to our backers of the Kickstarter from earlier this year.

For those that didn’t have a chance to back us during the Kickstarter, we’ve also made Print-On-Demand versions available at the following links:

We may make an unboxed version of The Demon Expansion available as well for folks that just may want the printed cards.

Happy Holidays from Cray Cray Games

We are pleased to share that we have successfully completed all activities related to our Kickstarter.

We are also pleased to announce that we delivered donations of games to the Big Brother Big Sister and Toys For Tots organizations. You may recall that we had 13 Glenda, The Good Witch backers who donated a game each.

We have added to that donation so that we could give BOTH organizations 20 games each.  We attempted to get a picture with someone at the State Police barracks but they wouldn’t let us snap a photo so instead we have Bruno’s hand and 1 of the games.

Toys For Tots Donation

Photo of Toys For Tots Donation

Thank you all, again, for your support!

Phil and Josh
Cray Cray Games

The Geek Down’s thoughts of F&B after Boston FIG

Hello All,

Here’s some thoughts after Pat and some folks played Find It & Bind It at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.

Have a listen…