Can a player with Unstoppable win if some other win condition occurs?

This depends on the timing between this round’s attacks and the satisfaction of the other win condition. If the player with Unstoppable has not had a chance to attack this round, and another win condition is triggered, then the player does not also win. It’s a pretty simple win condition to achieve so we are giving priority to almost any other condition.

Can a player with Undefeated win if some other win condition occurs?

Yes, as long as the player has attacked another player at least once and won every time they attacked.

Please explain Encircle. It says you must surround an enemy on all sides minimum 5 turfs…?

There are some positions on the board that do not have at least 5 surrounding turfs (due to dead spaces, the waste, etc.). Those turf areas are not valid targets for Encircle.

What if someone kills my nemesis? Or my Kill Left /Right target?

Th is DOES NOT count as a win for you. You MUST land the killing blow yourself—you wuss.

What happens if two people want to purchase the FTT in any given round?

The player who announced they would buy the FTT does so paying the normal price. If a second person wishes to buy it, taking it away from someone who just bought it, they do so at cost +1 DP. The cost would continue to increase by 1 for each subsequent “steal” in that round.

One notable exception is that Pixies will buy the FTT at whatever the current price is minus 2. No one else benefits from their discount.

Is all of the double-counting correct?

Yes. A turf may be counted up to 3 times:

  1. You control it.
  2. It is the same turn type as your home turf, and
  3. It is used to acquire a rainbow bonus.

Can I abandon turfs when attacking or maneuvering?

Yes. You may abandon a turf when attacking with all your troops, maneuvering troops, and of course you abandon turfs when retreating as well (with the appropriate penalty).

What happens if I play Call for Help and when I choose another player and draw a Combat Card at random from their hand—it is another Call for Help?

The effects are cumulative. If you draw another Call for Help, you may choose another player to assist you in the turf war, and draw a card from their hand as well. You will have to pay 2 Dominance Points to each player helping you.

How do the Teleport Action Cards work?

You will take all of your troops from ANY turf of your choice and move them to an EMPTY turf of the type indicated. You cannot use a Teleport Action Card to attack.

Why is there a Defensive Maneuvers Action Card?

Um… to enable you to perform defensive maneuvers.
Except for Gryphons, who have this as a faction ability, there is no way for you to easily redistribute troops between turfs you control—and this is by design.
Unicorns can defensively maneuver troops from one adjacent turf when attacked.

Further, if you find you’ve spread yourself too thin or wish to consolidate troop strength in certain areas, this Action Card enables you to achieve this.