Weird Game of the Day: ‘I Vant to Bite Your Finger’

Published in 1979 by Ideal (the same maker of Funny Fingers) came their follow up finger game sensation: I Vant to Bite Your Finger. This time, instead of a finger fence guillotine contraption they decided it would be healthy fun for kids to stick their fingers into Dracula’s mouth and get bitten randomly. It’s never too soon to introduce kids to a life of diabetes and blood glucose testing! I do find it disturbing that the game is intended for kids 6 years old and up. Of course at the age of 12 and up, kids have grown tired of the cheap thrill of finger biting and graduate to sticking their hands in the garbage disposal and seeing if their friends flick the ON switch. Such fun!

Seriously though, aside from the TERRIBLE Russian Roulette style of this game being introduced to young kids, the theme is all over the place. If you’re gonna have a vampire biting little kiddies, they should stick their necks in his mouth. I think the Finger Fence idea they had in Funny Fingers should have been applied here. The children can stick their fingers through a real fence and see if the angry neighbor dog takes a nibble. Opportunity wasted.

vant-box vant3

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