PRESS RELEASE: Find It & Bind It Kickstarter Campaign to Donate Games


Phil Cartagena and Josh Degregorio of Cray Cray Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest game, Find It & Bind It, on February 17 and achieved it’s goal in 3 days. Cray Cray Games’ sights are now set on achieving as many stretch goals as possible to expand the game’s content and upgrade production quality.

Cray Cray Games is pleased to offer a new reward tier that enables backers to support this campaign by getting a game for themselves AND a copy that will be donated to either Toys for Tots or the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation.

Find It & Bind It is a card game for 2-6 people that runs roughly 30 mins. Each player controls 2 witches that are searching through a 3×3 field of Book Cards for the Book of Shadows.

Spell Cards are used to Scry (look at) and/or Obfuscate (look at and shuffle) the Book Cards or to interact with other players and thwart their progress. To win, you must find the Book of Shadows, get both of your witches to it and then use your action to bind it.

The art used in Find It & Bind It cards are richly-colored examples of classical art. Fans of Van Gogh, Gheyn, and Goya will get more than a bit of eye candy in addition to fast-paced deduction, even if you should back at a print-and-play tier.

The Kickstarter campaign features multiple reward levels offering add-ons that will give those who pledge multiple ways to show off their support of Find It & Bind It. Reward levels starting with “Supreme Caster” ($75) give you opportunities to have your name printed on Spell Cards as a supporter. Stretch goals include content for two different expansions, upgraded components, and more.

For more information about Find It & Bind It on Kickstarter, visit:

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please send us a Tweet @CrayCrayGames.

About Phil and Josh:
F. Phil Cartagena, Jr. is an avid game player and an accomplished management consultant currently working in Healthcare IT to deliver a variety of projects on time and on budget.

Josh Degregorio has been a tabletop game enthusiast since middle school. He is an accomplished graphic designer and branding specialist who thrives on creating original concepts from start to finish.

About Cray Cray Games:
Cray Cray Games is a new independent game design company endeavoring to create games that people will enjoy playing, are a little bit cray, and that don’t make you wonder if they were ever play tested or if the rules were proofed.

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