“Field Trip Adventure” for DYKYN?

Today, Josh and I will go out into the various communities and scour the land for scenes that will match our Situation Cards. These are the cards (formerly called mission cards) that are presented throughout the game and the neighbors respond to them by performing either Kind or Wicked deeds.

We are doing this photography field trip so that we can keep the production costs as low as possible. Each photo costs ~$50 / photo when doing print runs and so with 25 neighbor, 40 situation and ~10 action cards that could easily be ~$4k. We would then need to add the cost of production of the game’s components and that would require a Kickstarter with a $7k goal.

We are trying to bring that down as much as possible so that we can release this game as the first of many games from Cray Cray Games.

Game Tip
If enough deeds are played to meet a situation’s point value objective, one way or the other, the points for that situation will either go toward the Kind or Wicked team. If the Fickle neighbors were crafty enough to offset the balance so that the objective could not be met, then they take the points for their team.

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