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The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 6)

Tonight at the Boston Game Makers Guild meeting in Cambridge, Find It & Bind It was blind play tested by a group of 5 people. We watched and said nothing as they played 2 games without any help from us.

We were given a couple of minor points of feedback on wording tweaks but the game was well understood and they found it great fun!

If you’d like to play, check out our Board Game Geek page!

The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 5)

Last night, Find It & Bind It underwent the “Intensive Play Testing” phase of the Boston Game Makers Guild’s Curation Process. It was well received and the feedback consisted of items meant to tighten things up (minor wording changes to Spell Cards and the like).

So we’re going to progress to the “Blind Play Testing” phase and we’ll likely get our first chance at that this coming Monday.

If you’re in the Boston area, check out the GMG’s Meetup for Monday and feel free to try out Find It & Bind It or any of the other games that will be in various stages of development.

The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 4)

Hi All!

We’re moving closer to getting everything set with the Kickstarter.

I was able to shave 20 seconds off of the first intro video and would love your thoughts on this newest intro video.

We’ve also received a quote from AdMagic, are waiting for a 2nd (from Panda GM) and just had another conversation with a different kind of vendor (Inner Workings) for a third quote due in ~2 weeks.

Please comment on the video and if you haven’t already done so, check out the Print & Play version of the game at

The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 3)

I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 weekends teaching myself how to use PowerDirector 12 to make this first draft of a Kickstarter video.

Take a look and please give your feedback.

Would this entice you to read more?


The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 2)

The Find It & Bind It Deluxe prototype arrived yesterday!

Find It & Bind It: Deluxe Version

Find It & Bind It: Deluxe Version


It contains everything in the original game plus The Demon Expansion.

We played it with our gaming group yesterday (5pp) and it took about 45 minutes which is very much in line with our 5-10 minutes / player estimate.

The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter Campaign

It’s been a while since we’ve posted because we’ve been advancing the design of Find It & Bind It‘s (F&B’s) expansion and testing it with new testers.

We’ll be posting updates here as we make progress toward a Kickstarter campaign we hope to launch in the September/October 2014 time frame.

Today we’ve completed one of the preliminary steps:

Cray Cray Games has filed with the Hobby Manufacturers Association to get its Standard Manufacturer Code (SMC). Yay!

(What does this matter, you might be thinking?)
In short, we would need this as part of a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) if we were ever going to have a product that gets distributed to retailers.

You can read more about Find It & Bind It

Special thanks to Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games for all of his very useful posts on his lessons learned.

Find It & Bind It Prototypes Arrive!

The prototypes have arrived and they look good!


And here’s a close-up of its box.


These 72-card tuck box is just the initial prototype.

We’re seriously contemplating a larger box, possibly witch minis and an expansion that’ll add more spell cards and such.

Read more about Find It & Bind It and see the rules!

An Art Preview of Fantasy Turf Wars

Cray Cray Games presents an unofficial art preview of Fantasy Turf Wars—our latest strategy board game creation. The initial prototypes have been made and will be played at upcoming game conventions like TotalCon and Connecticon.

We sincerely hope to see you at one of these conventions—sign up for a play-time slot! If not, catch us on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign in the coming months.

We welcome your comments and questions anytime!

Cray Cray Games to attend TotalCon27

In Mansfield, MA from February 21-24, Total Confusion 27 shall be running and Cray Cray Games has spots on Saturday and Sunday to showcase prototypes of their current games.

There’s sessions for both:

  • Do You Know Your Neighbors? on Saturday at 11am
  • Fantasy Turf Wars on Saturday at 1pm
  • Both games will be playable again on Sunday at 1pm

Hope to meet folks there and get potentially interested parties for our future Kickstarter projects.

DYKYN Playtest #16

We played a 6-player version of the game yesterday with our newly-designed cards, player mats, etc. and found that the Kinds were able to attain victory in 3 short rounds with a quick 3-Diplomacy wins win. Kathie Kindred was in play and so that ended it in what felt like no more than 20 minutes.

Truly a quick-playing game, we continue to have fun with it. Feedback from play testers on the design lauded our inclusion of trait legends on the Neighbor Cards and mats for easier reference. In addition, the change in card size (down to micro) for Clue and Action Cards while keeping Neighbor and Situation Cards at their original size (poker) was deemed to make sense and met with approval.