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Cray Cray Games to attend TotalCon27

In Mansfield, MA from February 21-24, Total Confusion 27 shall be running and Cray Cray Games has spots on Saturday and Sunday to showcase prototypes of their current games.

There’s sessions for both:

  • Do You Know Your Neighbors? on Saturday at 11am
  • Fantasy Turf Wars on Saturday at 1pm
  • Both games will be playable again on Sunday at 1pm

Hope to meet folks there and get potentially interested parties for our future Kickstarter projects.

DYKYN Playtest #16

We played a 6-player version of the game yesterday with our newly-designed cards, player mats, etc. and found that the Kinds were able to attain victory in 3 short rounds with a quick 3-Diplomacy wins win. Kathie Kindred was in play and so that ended it in what felt like no more than 20 minutes.

Truly a quick-playing game, we continue to have fun with it. Feedback from play testers on the design lauded our inclusion of trait legends on the Neighbor Cards and mats for easier reference. In addition, the change in card size (down to micro) for Clue and Action Cards while keeping Neighbor and Situation Cards at their original size (poker) was deemed to make sense and met with approval.

Cray Cray to attend ConnectiCon (July 2013)

Josh and I are signed up for ConnectiCon and will be bringing copies of Do You Know Your Neighbors? and possibly some really-proto prototypes of Fantasy Turf Wars to get them play tested by the masses.

If you’re interested in seeing and playing our game(s), join us there.

Note: we’ll likely add a date or two for shows in February and/or March 2013 as well.

Cray Cray Games mentioned in The Patriot Ledger

In an article on crowd sourcing, published on October 20, 2012, Cray Cray Games’ Phil Cartagena comments upon the Kickstarter experience regarding the attempt to acquire funding for Do You Know Your Neighbors?.

You can read the full article.

The Dice Tower Previews “Do You Know Your Neighbors?”

You can see the complete review and please share with your gamer friends.

Some quotes regarding his opinion of the game:

This game has deduction in it, very similar to Clue or Mystery of the Abbey and also has a party-type feel like Resistance or Werewolf.

So if you’re interested in the negotiation or deduction aspects of a game, this game will be very interesting to you. There’s a lot of accusations and interesting things flying back and forth.

And of course the theme is funny. The situation cards make me laugh — mostly because of what the wicked people do.

Father Geek Reviews “Do You Know Your Neighbors?”

You can check out the complete review but we’ve included the final two paragraphs:

In essence, this game creates (albeit temporary) the very definition of Neighborhood Hell. Everyone is eavesdropping on each other, gossiping, manipulating, and being real jerks. There is no trust and everyone cooperates somewhat unwillingly with their own motives playing a major role in their decisions. Yes, even the kind ones. I’ve lived in neighborhoods like this and they are no fun. Lucky for you and the game designers, Do You Know Your Neighbors? is fun and so very much worth your time playing, despite the negative feeling you might have towards other players after the game has long since ended.

If you are looking for a unique party game that challenges a player to deduce, manipulate, hide, and be all polite and cordial with the enemy, do put out your Welcome Mat for Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Reviews Pending for Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Since our Kickstarter campaign started 6 days ago, we’ve not been extremely pleased with the traffic. We probably should have done this earlier, but we’ve had discussions with Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower and Father Geek to get our game reviewed!

Look for more information when we post links to their reviews!

And go to our Kickstarter page and support us!
DYKYN Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Launched for Do You Know Your Neighbors?

That’s right. We’ve launched it today!

Check it out and support us if you please.


Kickstarter Video Progress

Hello, hello!

We have great news. We have completed a video that explains how to play the game. In addition, we have taped (a second time) our video that gives a brief introduction to us and the game that will be used to introduce Josh and I to the Kickstarter community.

Our friends are working on the editing of that video and we hope to submit our Kickstarter campaign this week!

You can see one of the videos here:
DYKYN Game Play Video

Tell us what you think!

Playtest 12 & 13: DYKYN?

Tonight, we played an 8-player and a 10-player game of Do You Know Your Neighbors with an entirely new group of people. One of the players had played Turf Wars before and was interested in seeing what this was all about.

The games both went very well and were both well received and many laughs were had over the Situations that were presented.

Some interesting feedback was given regarding the design of the game, the quality of the photos, what they looked like given the quality of printing (from as well as some post-production suggestions given the higher quality of production.

It’s interesting to observe that the higher the quality prototype that new players have to test this game, the higher the expectations there are to having a high-quality game. That stands to reason, I imagine…

In all, the Fickle Neighbors won the first game and swept with 15 vs. 1 point for Wicked and 0 for Kind. The 2nd game was much closer at K:9, F:13 and W:16.

And we got the following pieces of feedback which are already being put into production:

  • Color-code the Situations by Area of Interest so that they’re more easily distinguishable when in the score pile.
  • Decrease the size of the player mats so that they’re more easily held
  • Provide either a single board or smaller mats that can also be used to write on in more “mobile” settings (or just one where there’s no large table that accommodates all players
  • Add something to make it more clear that a photo of someone has facial hair

All in all, it was another successful night and I continue to be pleased with the quality of the prototype (despite some RGB v. CMYK-related printing quality issues).