Find It & Bind It Rules and FAQ


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With one real Book of Shadows in a field of fakes, can your sisters find it and bind it first in this game of spell casting and an ever-changing landscape?

Find It & Bind It is a card game for 2-6 people that runs roughly 30 mins. Each player controls 2 witches that are searching through a 3×3 field of Book Cards for the Book of Shadows.

Spell Cards are used to Scry (look at) and/or Obfuscate (look at and shuffle) the Book Cards or to interact with other players and thwart their progress. To win, you must find the Book of Shadows, get both of your witches to it and then use your action to bind it.

Please see our Find It & Bind It base game rules PDF for detailed information about the game and its rules.

You can access The Demon Expansion rules PDF as well.

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