With You Really Can Turn Back Time, what happens in round 1? Round 2? Other rounds?

  • In Round 1, it is still Round 1.
  • In Round 2, it is now Round 1. The teleporters are inactive. It’s as if they were never activated for Round 2… because it’s Round 1.
  • In rounds above 2, there’s no other significant ramifications.

When a turf-related event (Mirage, etc.) is drawn can you use an Attack Card to move into an empty region of that type?

No. An appropriate Teleport Action Card enables movement into a turf that cannot be attacked during a round.

With Rampage, what is “until an attack is not won?”

To safeguard the intent of Combat Cards like Negate Attack, if a rampaging player is defeated or a combat negated, the Rampage is halted. To do otherwise would diminish defending player combat successes.

If a player has the Strength in Numbers Win Condition and gets 35 or more troops during the troop placement phase, do they still win if Pestilence occurs?

Yes. A player wins the game as soon as any valid win condition is triggered. The faction would win during Phase 2: Place Reinforcement Troops.

Can Lizard Folk avoid Mind Control? If so, what happens?

If they choose not to participate, they are immune to the effects of mind control and cannot mind control another player. In addition, their troops are not attack-able this round. Otherwise, where’s the benefit of being able to avoid it?

Why is Mind Control an optional event?

Play testing revealed that this card was contentious. There are players who will like the chaos and pandemonium that this will introduce. There are those who will not. House rule this in or out of the game according to taste.

Can Maelstrom be avoided by the Lizard Folk?

Yes. Consider the player circle to not include him. Cards passed left or right will bypass someone playing Lizard Folk unless they choose to participate. If holding the FTT, the player of Lizard Folk would still call “left” or “right” whether they participate or not.

When Exile occurs, if you are the Geomancer, do you need to declare a new home turf?

Yes. Everyone does. While the Geomancer can undo this in the next round, they suffer from Exile now.

With Curse of Malaise, does a faction lose its ability if it happens before the event is drawn? Example: Dryands get an extra troop in each forest before the event. Do they lose that troop?

All factions are intended to suffer (or prosper) from any event that is drawn. Event effects are felt until the next Event Card is drawn. Dryads would not gain the troop in the following round.

To satisfy Bloodlust, can a player attack an adjacent turf with just one troop to get it over with?

Technically… but we vehemently recommend that you NOT let that be the case. It’s blood lust! Not weak-ass-fake-attack lust. We suggest you house rule this according to taste.