If I think someone is about to identify me, can I choose to reveal myself to prevent them from getting the bonus Situation Card?

This is up to you. Sure, you can do this. But won’t you be sorry if the person doesn’t actually know who you are? Often times, people are making a 50/50 guess at best.

Also, you’ll need to shout out something like, “I’m going to self-identify!” Be sure you do this before he actually says, “I know my neighbor!”

Is it possible for 2 teams to win the game?

Yes. It may happen that one Situation Card goes into one pile and causes that team to win, and another card goes into a different pile, causing that team to win on the same round. Congratulations—you’re ALL winners.

All I have left in my hand are Miscellaneous Action Cards. Can I play 2 of them towards a Situation?

Yes. If you want to get rid of these cards, you may play 2 of them. The result will still be a “0” contribution towards the Situation. Note that you will also only be able to draw one replacement.

If I am a revealed neighbor, and my teammate(s) are also revealed, can we talk at the table and say what we are going to play towards Situations?

This is a matter of intelligence. Sure. You can say what you’re playing. But you’re also letting others know what you’re playing who may change their cards based on your chatter.

Everyone at the table has been revealed. Is there a point to doing the Clue Phase?

No. You may skip this phase now.

If I iplay an Investigate Misc. Action Card in a 5-player game and I have the FTT, that entitles me to give out 5 clues. Can I give a 2nd clue to someone?

No. We don’t want anyone quickly targeted nor more easily identified via multiple clues in a single round. In this case, your investigate card would not give you the 3 clues to which you are entitled.

You could wait to use it when you don’t have the FTT.

I just discarded seven Wicked Response Action Cards because I’m a Kind Neighbor and I just got 7 more. What am I supposed to do?

This can happen. It’s a matter of shuffling and randomization. The majority of cards in the Action Deck are Kind and Wicked Deed cards, followed by the Super versions of each and then by a couple of each of the Miscellaneous Action cards. You will need to play the Wicked card during the Respond and hope to get Kind Deeds next round.

Why are we either trading in Clue Cards OR Action Cards? Why not both?

This is a matter of style and/or strategy. You need to make your decision based on whether you can make use of the Clue Cards you have (repeats be damned) or if you can live with your Action Card arrangement for the round.

A little bit of resource management will go a long way.