Weird Game of the Day: Funny Finger

Published by Ideal in 1968, Funny Finger is a game where you stick all your fingers through something called a “Finger Fence” and the other players have to guess which finger is which. I have several thoughts on this matter:

  1. First and foremost: Why? Just, why?
  2. Why are there only 9 holes in the finger fences?
  3. It looks like a finger guillotine.
  4. Are thumbs involved? Do they even fit? How do you mistake a thumb?
  5. I’m not a germaphobe, but this raises flags. I feel the game should include a small bottle of disinfectant, and possibly a bottle of lubricant.
  6. Lastly, why do the girls have all their fingers through the fence but the boys only have one set of fingers and get to point and hail Hitler with their other hand?







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