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Find It & Bind It to be previewed at NESFA Indie Game Day

On November 1, 2014 (12-6pm or possibly layer), Josh and Phil will be demoing Find It & Bind It and playing it (and its expansions) with anyone interested at the New England Science Fiction Association’s Indie Game Day.

It’s at the NESFA Clubhouse in Somerville, MA.

Find It & Bind It Seeks Feedback! Free PnP version!

Have you played Find It & Bind It?

If you’ve played Find It & Bind It, we’re looking for feedback and you can do it via’s official feedback form.

We’d love to hear from you.

If you haven’t yet played it, you can! Just check out our BGG page and download the b&w print-n-play version.

If you’d rate us on BGG as well, we’d appreciate it.

The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 6)

Tonight at the Boston Game Makers Guild meeting in Cambridge, Find It & Bind It was blind play tested by a group of 5 people. We watched and said nothing as they played 2 games without any help from us.

We were given a couple of minor points of feedback on wording tweaks but the game was well understood and they found it great fun!

If you’d like to play, check out our Board Game Geek page!

The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 5)

Last night, Find It & Bind It underwent the “Intensive Play Testing” phase of the Boston Game Makers Guild’s Curation Process. It was well received and the feedback consisted of items meant to tighten things up (minor wording changes to Spell Cards and the like).

So we’re going to progress to the “Blind Play Testing” phase and we’ll likely get our first chance at that this coming Monday.

If you’re in the Boston area, check out the GMG’s Meetup for Monday and feel free to try out Find It & Bind It or any of the other games that will be in various stages of development.