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The Road to F&B’s Kickstarter (post 4)

Hi All!

We’re moving closer to getting everything set with the Kickstarter.

I was able to shave 20 seconds off of the first intro video and would love your thoughts on this newest intro video.

We’ve also received a quote from AdMagic, are waiting for a 2nd (from Panda GM) and just had another conversation with a different kind of vendor (Inner Workings) for a third quote due in ~2 weeks.

Please comment on the video and if you haven’t already done so, check out the Print & Play version of the game at

Play a PnP version of Find It & Bind It

We’ve made a very bare bones version of the game available for the public on Board Game Geek.

Please play it and then let us know how it played, if you like it, if you have questions, etc.