Playtest 12 & 13: DYKYN?

Tonight, we played an 8-player and a 10-player game of Do You Know Your Neighbors with an entirely new group of people. One of the players had played Turf Wars before and was interested in seeing what this was all about.

The games both went very well and were both well received and many laughs were had over the Situations that were presented.

Some interesting feedback was given regarding the design of the game, the quality of the photos, what they looked like given the quality of printing (from as well as some post-production suggestions given the higher quality of production.

It’s interesting to observe that the higher the quality prototype that new players have to test this game, the higher the expectations there are to having a high-quality game. That stands to reason, I imagine…

In all, the Fickle Neighbors won the first game and swept with 15 vs. 1 point for Wicked and 0 for Kind. The 2nd game was much closer at K:9, F:13 and W:16.

And we got the following pieces of feedback which are already being put into production:

  • Color-code the Situations by Area of Interest so that they’re more easily distinguishable when in the score pile.
  • Decrease the size of the player mats so that they’re more easily held
  • Provide either a single board or smaller mats that can also be used to write on in more “mobile” settings (or just one where there’s no large table that accommodates all players
  • Add something to make it more clear that a photo of someone has facial hair

All in all, it was another successful night and I continue to be pleased with the quality of the prototype (despite some RGB v. CMYK-related printing quality issues).

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