Play Test #8: DYKYN?

A couple of weeks ago we play tested the game with 3 people and we uncovered a truth that I had suspected would be true:

This game is NOT recommended for under 5 players. Period.

We haven’t yet played with 4 people either and I am violently opposed to ever trying. 🙂

We played with 5 players tonight and it worked. I think it’s more fun with 6 players but the game is definitely playable and still fun with 5. If the same 2 players, however, continue to be on missions with each other, they immediately know the type (kind, wicked or fickle) of the player’s neighbor even if not immediately identifiable.

We got some good feedback and we tried out playing multiple action cards (1 or 2) despite the fact that you only recover 1 action every round.

Still fun…

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