Play Test #17: Turf Wars

Today we play tested the 6-player team version of Turf Wars. This is a planned mini-expansion that introduces two new factions that are potentially a little more powerful than other factions. They are the leaders of the two sides and are accompanied by two factions with plains home turfs and two with swamp home turfs.

I wanted us to play this version of the game to see if it truly was a team-based version of Turf Wars that made sense on its own and wasn’t just a contrived version of it.

I’m happy to say it went really well. We were able to weed out events and secret win conditions based on their not making sense for teams.

I will need to write up the official rules for the 2v2 and 3v3 team versions of the game. I think this will be a very worth-while expansion or stretch goal for the eventual Kickstarter.

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