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Play Test #9: DYKYN?

Tonight we played with 7 people, 2 of whom were new to the game. It was fun, despite someone having a terribly painful brain malfunction mid-game. 🙂

We’ve decided to increase the number of points required to win the game because we once again ended the game in under 20 minutes.

Everyone enjoyed the game again.

Play Test #20: Turf Wars

Today we introduced another person to the game.

The 2nd of our potential graphic artists met with the first one and the two of them played with Josh and me.

They both liked the game and were both interested in moving forward and working on art for the game.

Josh and I are quite excited and can’t wait to see what they produce.

We should have the turf graphics that will allow us to produce the game board and their corresponding event, action and secret win condition cards by the end of July. It’s very exciting!

More Play Testing: Turf Wars

Tonight we played games #18 and #19 with another friend who hadn’t yet played.

It was an interesting set of games for a few reasons, the first of which was that one game ended quickly (in 5 rounds) and 3 secret win conditions were triggered.

Plains Guardian triggered because no one was in a Plains turf.

Then the conditions Steadfast and Undefeated were also triggered.

However, no one had engaged in a turf war and so we’ve adjusted those other two conditions so that you cannot be considered undefeated if there was never a risk of being defeated.

There were some bits of feedback that we decided to add which probably captures some potential issues for people who may not be able to understand implication and such. It never hurts to be painfully, redundantly clear. 🙂

Play Test #8: DYKYN?

A couple of weeks ago we play tested the game with 3 people and we uncovered a truth that I had suspected would be true:

This game is NOT recommended for under 5 players. Period.

We haven’t yet played with 4 people either and I am violently opposed to ever trying. 🙂

We played with 5 players tonight and it worked. I think it’s more fun with 6 players but the game is definitely playable and still fun with 5. If the same 2 players, however, continue to be on missions with each other, they immediately know the type (kind, wicked or fickle) of the player’s neighbor even if not immediately identifiable.

We got some good feedback and we tried out playing multiple action cards (1 or 2) despite the fact that you only recover 1 action every round.

Still fun…

Play Test #5-#7: DYKYN?

We implemented the name changes so that there’d be no confusion when asking if your name starts with a __.

There were some other suggestions made but all in all, everyone enjoys playing the game and it seems like it’s going to be a decent party game.

It doesn’t take that long to play after you get familiar with the rules and it can be fun if you get into trying to identify the other players.

Play Test #17: Turf Wars

Today we play tested the 6-player team version of Turf Wars. This is a planned mini-expansion that introduces two new factions that are potentially a little more powerful than other factions. They are the leaders of the two sides and are accompanied by two factions with plains home turfs and two with swamp home turfs.

I wanted us to play this version of the game to see if it truly was a team-based version of Turf Wars that made sense on its own and wasn’t just a contrived version of it.

I’m happy to say it went really well. We were able to weed out events and secret win conditions based on their not making sense for teams.

I will need to write up the official rules for the 2v2 and 3v3 team versions of the game. I think this will be a very worth-while expansion or stretch goal for the eventual Kickstarter.

Play Test #3 & #4: DYKYN?

Tonight we played two games, 6 players both times, and it went well. Some feedback was given regarding names. Since we have clues that ask about letters but the neighbor names have different letters for their first and last names and that could be confusing.

In watching how the clues were played and the high number of extra clues that were available (using a certain miscellaneous action card) we also decided we should limit it so that clues can only be asked to any given player once in a round.

Without that change, there’ll be repeats of what happened tonight. I was identified before the first round even started because someone was able to give me 5 clue cards. That makes playing the game pretty difficult because it’s obvious what you’re trying to do.