Concept Test: CoS

CoS are the initials of a game we concept-tested last week. Josh and I played with one other person to see how this detective-based game played.

The Verdict:
It didn’t really play all that well for a variety of reasons.

We met again tonight to do some brainstorming on how to adjust the game so that it would be more fun and better intertwine players together. In the process of that brainstorming session we forked the game production into two potential games. CoS will sit on the back burner for a while because we should focus on getting something produced first.

We will, however, move forward on a new game we’re calling: Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Anywhere from 5 to 15 players play as kind, wicked or fickle neighbors, whose identities are kept secret. They complete missions by playing appropriate deed cards in the hopes of scoring the proper amount of points so their team (of other kind or wicked or fickle neighbors) can win.

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