Play Test #5: Turf Wars

Only 4 days later, we’re play testing TW again. Tonight it was with a gaming group we know really well.
We’ve all been critical together about other games’ rules, game play, inconsistencies and f’d-up-ness so we were a little nervous…

In the last 4 days Josh and I did some work to address some faction issues, teleportation rules and added a new event or 2. For the teleporters, since there were 4 of them, we made it so that each teleporter only sent you to one place – a turf adjacent to the opposite-diagonal teleporter.

Every round is started with an event of some sort. Some examples of events:

  • Attacks are prohibited that target a certain turf type.
  • You can gain or lose a round on the round counter.
  • You can gain or lose troops in one or all turfs depending on what’s happened.
  • Or, nothing at all may happen on this “nice, quiet day.”

We played one game and one of the players had a bad deal regarding his Combat cards as they were mostly 1s and 2s so he didn’t feel like he’d have any chance at winning.

Combat Cards
Combat cards are played after the number of troops are declared by both the attacking and defending player. The sum of the troops played and the value of the combat card played (0-10 or special) are compared and the one that is higher wins. Ties go to the defender.

The feedback from this game:

  • Figure out how to make game play better for someone who is the victim of a bad shuffle.
  • Adjust the teleporter-adjacent turfs so that they are exactly even and give no one an advantage.
  • A troop loss was suggested for the winners of turf wars so that no player could, through a lucky combat or 2, continue to wipe the board with the blood of the other players. Josh and I had personally liked that feature, and were still willing to think about it. 🙂

Ultimately, they liked it and would play it again. Yay!

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